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How much KangarooService charge the fees?

KangarooService fees differ from countries and corridors of transfers.

KangarooService charges a fee per beneficiary.

From Australia to Indonesia:

Transfer Amount
Up to $1,000 AUD*
$10 AUD

Maximum Transfer Amount from Australia = AUDĀ $5,000/day or beneficiary.

From Indonesia to Australia:

Fee StructureFee
IDR 1 Until IDR 10,000,000IDR 25,000
IDR 10,000,001 Until IDR 100,000,000IDR 30,000
More than IDR 100,000,001IDR 35,000

From Indonesia to Other Country (Singapore, Malaysia, Europe Union, etc)

Transfer Amount
Fee Structure
IDR 50,000 to IDR 50,000,000IDR 150,000

Maximum Transfer Amount to Other Country = IDR 150,000,000/day or beneficiary.